You Can Fight DWI/DUI Charges

Drunk driving charges can happen to almost anyone. An extra beer at the beach or an extra glass of wine with friends can make the difference between getting home safely and facing criminal charges.

Begin Taking Action Right Away

What you do in the time shortly after your arrest can have a major impact on how severely your charges may affect you. The smartest step you can take is to begin working with a skilled and experienced attorney right away. This will ensure that you have the strongest protection for your driver's license and the best defense against jail time, fines and other potential consequences such as having to install an ignition interlock device on your car.

How Can You Fight DWI/DUI Charges?

Many people are unaware that there are many effective strategies for fighting DWI/DUI charges, including:

  • Questioning whether there was probable cause for the initial traffic stop
  • Questioning whether the Breathalyzer was functioning appropriately
  • Questioning whether the arresting officer was properly trained on field sobriety testing
  • Looking into whether any medical conditions or medications could have created a false positive

There are many ways to fight DWI/DUI charges. We will examine the facts of your case and find the most effective approach to fighting yours.

Decades Of Criminal Law Experience

At Criss & Rousseau Law Firm LLP, attorney Susan Criss brings a wealth of criminal law experience that allows her to fight for the best possible results for her clients. She is:

  • A former Texas District Judge with 15 years of experience on the bench
  • A former prosecutor in the Galveston County Criminal District Attorney's office
  • Board-certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

She can help ensure that your driver's license and your rights get the strongest available defense.

DWI/DUI Defense Attorneys Serving Bell County, Coryell County, Galveston County, Fort Hood And Throughout Texas

If you have been charged with DWI/DUI, you need to take action right away to defend your rights. Turn to Criss & Rousseau Law Firm LLP. To schedule a free case evaluation with one of our lawyers, call 254-699-9999, 409-515-6176 or contact us online.