How Can A Guardianship Help Protect Your Loved Ones?

A guardianship allows a person to assume legal responsibility for different aspects of another person's life. Usually establishing a guardianship is appropriate when someone cannot care for themselves and needs someone to take control of financial or health care decisions.

Guardianships For Senior Loved Ones

As people age, they may suffer from a diminishment of either physical or mental capacity. They may no longer be able to maintain an independent lifestyle. This can be incredibly sad and hard to deal with. You may not know what you can do to help protect them.

A guardianship can offer the chance for you or someone else to take on legal responsibility for their finances or their physical well-being.

Guardianships For Disabled Young People

For young people who are approaching their 18th birthday, it may be a smart idea to learn more about the possibilities a guardianship can offer. A guardianship will allow the guardian of your child to look after him or her and to help manage his or her affairs. In fact, for retired service members with special needs children, a guardianship may help them preserve military benefits for life.

Decades Of Estate Planning And Guardianship Experience

At Criss & Rousseau Law Firm LLP, our firm can help you understand the advantages of establishing a guardianship. We can also help you petition the court to secure that role. We understand what information the court is going to be looking for to grant a guardianship. This is not a decision the courts make lightly, and a persuasive case must be made. We can build that case for you.

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