Military Law Representation From A Former JAG Colonel

When people serve in the military, they subject themselves to laws and regulations that are designed to deal with much more than just criminal activity. Service members can find themselves in difficult situations due to criminal charges or some other violation of the military regulations.

Whether you are facing adverse administrative action or military criminal charges, the outcomes of these situations can have an impact on the rest of your life. It is important that you have a strong advocate who can fight for the best possible resolution for you.

Representation From A Former Retired JAG Colonel

Attorney Rick Rousseau is a retired Colonel with 27 years of experience as an active duty Judge Advocate (JAG). He is a former Staff Judge Advocate for Fort Hood. He understands military law and regulations from an insider's perspective. His experience helps him build cases that are highly effective.

Some of the issues that we assist our clients with include:

  • Administrative action
  • Reprimand (GOMOR)
  • Qualitative Management Program (QMP)
  • Reduction in grade or denial of promotion
  • OER/NCOER appeal
  • Administrative separations and other Boards of Inquiry
  • Application to the Board for Correction of Military Records
  • Application to the Discharge Review Board
  • Nonjudicial punishment
  • Judicial action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice

Decades Of Military Law Experience

At Criss & Rousseau Law Firm LLP, we are dedicated to helping service members deal with a wide range of issues that could impact their military careers and their lives after they have left the military. We know that any blemish on your military service record can cause difficulties down the road. We are strong advocates who know how to fight for resolutions that allow our clients to move forward with their lives whether they are facing criminal charges or some sort of administrative actions.

Military Law Attorneys Serving Bell County, Coryell County, Galveston County, Fort Hood And Throughout Texas

For experienced assistance with military law or administrative actions, turn to Criss & Rousseau Law Firm LLP. To schedule a free initial case evaluation with Colonel (Retired) Rick Rousseau, call 254-699-9999, 409-515-6176 or contact us online.