Between May 15 and 19, over 100 people were arrested on a variety of charges at the Jeep “Go Topless” event in Crystal Beach, Texas. The charges included everything from resisting arrest to burglary.

According to the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office, a total of 113 people were taken into custody at the annual car event, which takes its name from the removable top on Jeep Wranglers. While over a dozen people were arrested for drunk driving, most defendants were charged with misdemeanor offenses like being minor in possession of alcohol or driving without a seat belt.

Apparently, “Go Topless” has become a problem for many local residents. A petition claiming the event has become a hazard to the public and calling for its end has garnered thousands of signatures. On the other hand, several fans of the event countered the petition on Facebook, saying that they were responsible attendees who did not drink and drive, did not give alcohol to minors, and brought their own trash bags to clean up after themselves.

Individuals charged with DUI or other offenses could turn to a criminal defense and drunk driving attorney for legal advice. The attorney could protect a defendant’s rights, challenge the prosecution’s evidence and do everything possible to get the charges reduced or dropped. If the prosecution’s case is strong, legal counsel could work to negotiate a plea deal that allows the defendant to plead guilty to reduced charges, which could lead to a more lenient sentence. For instance, first-time drunk driving offenders might be able to complete a substance abuse program or community service instead of serving a jail sentence.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “See who was arrested at the ‘Go Topless’ Jeep event in Crystal Beach“, Julian Gill and Rebecca Hennes, May 21, 2019