Distracted driving is a problem that endangers many people on Texas roads. Some automakers have seen the risk distracted driving creates and have begun working on tools that include a mixture of artificial intelligence and visual monitoring systems in order to minimize the sad consequences that distracted driving may cause. There is a concern that if automakers are successful in creating a system that lowers accidents and fatalities caused by distracted driving, the automakers may become required by law to provide the system in their vehicles.

Distracted driving is not something that can be ignored. Statistics show that every single day, at least nine people in the United States die, and there are around 100 injuries every day because someone is driving distracted. There are more sources for distraction now than in years past. Many automobiles come equipped with touchscreens on the dashboard that only add to the safety threat.

One of the top causes for driving while distracted is the use of cellphones. Even though government agencies and other groups have bombarded the public with PSAs and other campaigns designed to show the dangers of distracted driving, about 60% of people admit that they use their cellphone while they are driving, according to one study. Some are texting, others are calling and others are checking social media. It seems that laws that have been created to curb distracted driving are not enough to dissuade people from using their mobile devices.

If a person is driving and checking text messages on their cellphone, they are visually and cognitively disconnected from what they are doing. No matter how much a person claims to be able to multitask, there is no way they can give 100% of their attention to their driving. If their distracted driving results in someone being injured, the distracted driver may be deemed negligent. A personal injury attorney may be able to help the victim investigate the car accident, interact with insurance companies, collect medical and lost wage information, and work toward getting due compensation for their accident.